These tests are especially indicated for patients with low skin type (white skin tone), history of sunburn in the past, more than 50 spots, strange spots, personal and/or family history of skin cancer used for early detection of skin cancer in stages when it is still curable.

Digital Dermoscopy: Microscopy the skin surface with digital photographs to increase 20-70 times the spots and body injuries. It is used for early detection of skin cancer in stages where it still has the possibility of cure.

Body Mapping with Fotofinder: Macroscopic and microscopic photo storage of all body signals. This documentation with specific software allows comparison of images for early diagnosis of skin cancer and also facilitates the monitoring of specific cases of patients with more than 50 spots on the body, personal or family history of skin cancer.

IPCA Technique: Percutaneous Collagen Induction by needles also known as microneedle for treating acne scars, large pores and control of chloasma.


Diagnostic Imaging

Mirror: Software that allows documenting and analyzing the digital image of the patient to assess the degree of aging and to aid in the treatment and monitoring.

Lifeviz Infinity: The technology takes pictures of the patient's skin and provides a three-dimension analysis. You can identify the amount of wrinkles, volume, greasiness, pores and skin blemishes and make a comparison of the patient's skin with the pattern of their age. Lifeviz also enables a better diagnosis. The doctor evaluates the skin needs and find the best solution to treat the problem in their treatment database. After the procedure, it is possible to make a comparison and see clearly the changes in the patient's skin.


Tratamento facial

Fraxel Repair®: It is a laser of fractionated CO2 to treat deep wrinkles, melasma, sun spots, acne scars, stretch marks that improves skin texture.

Q Clear®: Removal of tattoos, small vessels, fine hairs and sunspots with laser.

Lightsheer Duet®: Diode Laser for hair removal treatment.

Microdermabrasion: Known as “crystal peeling”, it is used as a complementary treatment for skin rejuvenation and preparation for chemical peels and lasers.

Maximus Med: Treatment of body flab using radio frequency with the TriLipo technology of Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA).

Chemical Peel: Acid application at the clinic for cell renewal to complement the treatment of rejuvenation, acne, scars, melasma, stretch marks, folliculitis.

Dermal Fillers

High-tech Hyaluronic Acid (Volift® Volbella® and Voluma®, Belotero Deep, Belotero Lips, Belotero Volume) for filling wrinkles, lips, grooves, and for restoring volume and hydration of the skin.

SkinboostersS®: Hyaluronic Acid for hydrating and stimulating collagen production and for improving firmness, elasticity and fine wrinkles of the skin.

Radiesse®: Calcium Hydroxyapatite for fill and rejuvenation of the hands.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox®, Dysport®): Treatment for wrinkles and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat in armpits and hands).

Trifractional: Radiofrequency for treatment of wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and skin renewal.

Ulthera®: Ultrasound focused to treat sagging of face, neck and eye area.

Silhouette Suture: It is a new treatment for sagging in different areas of the face, neck, eyebrow and body parts. Its component, the Polylactic Acid, is completely resorbable within 24 months.


Body Treatment

Liposonix: Focal ultrasound for the treatment of localized fat and reduction of body measures, non-invasive.

Maximus Med: Treatment of flab and cellulite using radiofrequency with the TriLipo technology of Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA).

Velashape 2: Treatment of cellulite and reduction of body measures with the synergistic use of infrared, bipolar radiofrequency, vacuum mechanism and massage.

Exilis Elite: Monopolar radiofrequency to treat sagging of the face, neck and body.

Hair Care Unit:

Hair Treatment

The Capillary IPCA for the treatment of androgenic alopecia and telogen effluvium with drug delivery comprising application of mixture of substances to activate and stimulate hair growth favored by micro tunneling caused by the procedure.

Photostimulation with LED RED: it activates microcirculation of the scalp and increases the absorption of active elements.